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 Posted: Thu Aug 11th, 2011 08:56 pm
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I'm not entirely sure, Mark. I think I'm being confused by a quoted sub-paragraph within 569.


"77. A board, to consist of the Professors of Mathematics and Ethics and the Commandant of Cadets, will convene at the Military Academy, on the first Monday of September in every year, for the examination of such non-commissioned officers, for promotion as have already passed the regimental examination prescribed in General Orders No. 17, of October 4, 1854."


The note at the end of the Cadet section doesn't help me any as it sounds like the vacancies for West Point from the states making up the Confederacy are then given to the enlisted ranks in the occupying armies.

However, paragraph 301 does give the NCOs from highest to lowest and Cadet and Medical CXadet are listed as ranking above Sergeant Major

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