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 Posted: Thu Nov 9th, 2006 03:08 pm
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You're cracking me up here! I've been sharing your emails with some of the staff and we are all very curious where you are hearing these tall tales. No one here has ever heard the "unruly mules" or the "pie peddler" stories. Someone did advance the new theory that Lew Wallace was late because everyone in the division was eating Beauregard's pies.

Please do not take any offense, we are not having fun at your expense but are amused at these new stories. Where did you find them?

The myths that I mentioned that are so persistent are; Was the Sunken Road really sunken? Was the Hornet's Nest really the "key" to the first day of battle? How many Confederate charges took place across Duncan Field? Why did the rookie Yankees run and hide at the river when the equally green Rebels stood and fought? Would the Confederates have been victorious if Beauregard had not called off the attack on the evening of the 6th? Would the Confederates have been the victors if Johnston had not died? Did the arrival of Buell save Grant's defeated army? Did Forrest really stop Sherman's pursuit at Fallen Timbers?

The list goes on and on. These scenarios have been accepted as truths and have been handed down over the years and considered facts. Far from it.


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