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 Posted: Thu Aug 18th, 2011 12:22 pm
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pender wrote: Old Blu thank's for the map. I like it when all the confederate and union regiment's are showed, helps about understanding the battle and what they done. Since you seem to be near the Cedar Mountain battle field do you know much about Pender's flank attack that I described earlier in a post? In Krick's book on page 275 he writes"The North Carolinians charged literally into the midst of the 27th(Indiana), according to that unit's regimental history, and, at the point of the bayonet, demanded their surrender. The same source remembered confederates demanding capitulation with fierce oaths and imprecations followed by gunfire delivered at such short range against those still resisting that some federals suffered powder burned faces." Also General Gordon of the union army described Pender's volleys with vividly hot imagery:"a terrible...dreadful and remorseless fire, that came like a whirlwind, and licked up with its fiery blast more lives than were lost to the 2nd regiment and my brigade in any battle of the war." I have read several books on Cedar Mt. But would like to learn more about Penders flank attack in particular. Just wondering if there is any thing about Penders flank attack at the battle field or if you have any info on it? Thank's


Pender, I looked at page 275 you recommended and that is the only place I have seen that particular action.  Sad.  I will have to study on that a little more as I read along.  I really like the book because I wondered how Krick found enough stuff to write about based on the size of the book.:)  Anyway, it is good discriptive reading and not biased at all. 

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