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 Posted: Thu Nov 9th, 2006 05:05 pm
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Howdy from NoVa, and a very late reply to Albert Sailhorst's post on 22 Aug 06.

Kentucky is north of the Mason Dixon line, but so is Virginia.

Actually, the Mason-Dixon line marks the border between Pennsylvania and Maryland.  Maryland and Virginia are SOUTH of the line.  So is Kentucky.  The line was surveyed and established long before the Civil War.

Northern Virginia can be loosely defined as the six counties north of the Rappahannock River and east of the Blue Ridge Mtns.:
  • Loudoun (Leesburg)
  • Fauquier (Warrenton)
  • Prince William (Manassas)
  • Stafford (Stafford)
  • Arlington
  • Fairfax
Arlington and Fairfax Counties don't have county seats.  Those place names are familiar to anyone who's read about the Army of Northern Virginia and the Army of the Potomac.

These six counties are the inner and outer Virginia suburbs of Washington, with all the growth, development, traffic, and other features of 21st-century life.  Many folks commute from farther away, such as Front Royal, Harpers Ferry, Fredericksburg, etc.

NoVa has lots of really wealthy people.  Somebody calculated that if these six counties seceded from the RoVa (Rest of Virginia), the new state would be the wealthiest in the nation, measured by income per household.  Loudoun County recently became the wealthiest of all counties, bumping Fairfax County down to second.  Me, I live in the poor section of Oakton here in Fairfax County.  All that wealth means big tax revenues going to Richmond.

Culturally, NoVa is so different from RoVa that maybe NoVa could be defined as "Not Virginia."  People come from all over the world to live here.  We have a large number of the foreign diplomatic community here.  Immigrants, students, scientists and other technical professions come here to live either temporarily or permanently.  Of course people from all states live in this area too.  Many people choose to live here after retirement from the military or Federal government.  This fluctuating mix of non-Virginians means either enrichment or contamination, depending on your view.

On the other hand, we have streets and schools named after famous Confederates, and none after famous Federals.  Let's see:  Jefferson Davis Highway, Lee Highway, Lee-Jackson Highway, Pickett Road, JEB Stuart High School, etc.

I've lived in Fairfax County since 1965 but have no deeply embedded sense of loyalty to the Old Dominion or to any other state.  I love the beauty of my adopted state, I've sunk my roots here, and I don't want to live anywhere else.  But I don't think of myself as a Virginian.  I'm a Wyoming native, a Virginia resident, and a proud American.

This is a good topic.  Patty

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