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 Posted: Thu Nov 9th, 2006 05:29 pm
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Here I am with a late reply to Ol' Pete Longstreet's question on 17 Aug 06 about what is "the South."  This may amuse you.

Twenty years ago, my brother lived in San Antonio.  His wife, Beverly, is from Port Angeles, Washington, a little fishing town on the coast of Puget Sound.  One day she and some neighbors chatted about what is a Yankee.

Beverly said that to her, a Yankee was a New Englander.  So by her definition she wasn't a Yankee.  Besides, some of her family immigrated from Germany after the Civil War and homesteaded in South Dakota, so again, she couldn't be descended from Yankees.

Confused by the way the neighbors spoke about Yankees, Beverly asked directly, "Well, do you think I'm a Yankee?"

The answer, it turned out, was yes.  Her San Antonio neighbors finally decided that  "Yankee" means "not from Texas."

So you Mississippians, you better find another name for yourselves.  You ain't Texans, so you must be Yankees.

Simple process of elimination.  Patty

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