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 Posted: Sat Aug 27th, 2011 09:35 am
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Iv'e got to agree with many here, Joe Johnston was questionable in many areas. But, if I recall correctly at one point later in the War General Lee reco'd that J. Johnston be the commander of the Army of Tennessee. Can anybody confirm that?
I think it was a matter of who was available for Command at that time.
I know General Longstreet had a few iffy independent commands, but I would have liked to see him come to full stature as an Army Commander in the West with Corps Commanders such as Cleburne.
Totally off topic (and I do apologize), under these circumstances: Longstreet Commanding in the West and General Lee becoming Commander in Chief of ALL Southern Armies, who should Command the ANV, J. Johnston?
Oh the what if's!

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