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 Posted: Sat Aug 27th, 2011 01:44 pm
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First off, yes, after Davis came to the belated conclusion that Bragg had to go after the Missionary Ridge disaster Lee recommended Johnson as a replacement instead of himself (Johnson and Lee were friends from the Mexican War). And I think you are correct when you say it was a matter of who was available at the time. Longstreet was usually a good subordinate and an excellent Corps Commander, but I cannot think of a single instance in which he excelled at an independent command. At Knoxville he got beat by Ambrose Burnside! As to your last question, it would depend on how early you see Lee getting reassigned. If he is moved after May 7, 1864 then Richard Ewell probably takes temporary command of the ANV because Johnson is out West and Longstreet is wounded. I think it would have been likely that General Sam Cooper would have been pulled out from behind his desk in Richmond to take permanent command of the ANV as he was the ranking general in the Confederate Army (his commission even predating Lee's).


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