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 Posted: Mon Aug 29th, 2011 10:39 pm
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  I haven't overlooked Jefferson Davis as a polarizing figure. I'd place him very high up on a lengthy list if I made one. I simply said that Mr. Lincoln would occupy the number one position.

  Mr. Lincoln had aspirations for years to become President of the United States (Second only in zeal to those that Mrs. Lincoln had for him). When he was elected and the Union came apart, he led the northern war effort with considerable enthusiasm. As I've said before, a lesser man most likely would have failed in the attempt to bring the war to a successful conclusion from the northern side.

  Jefferson Davis had no aspirations to become President of the CSA. He dreaded taking on that duty, and would have been happier, I am certain, to have been appointed a Confederate general.

  As for: "Southern view" and :"Northern view," people will have their beliefs regardless of whether or not the facts back them up. Many in the north believed the story that Jefferson Davis was captured while wearing one of his wife's dresses. The truth of a matter is often less important to many than the: "View."

 Certainly, many northerners were able to carry the war to the south with great ferocity because they regarded the Confederates as being traitors. Some even wanted to hang not only Mr. Davis, but also General Lee and many others. If that had happened , then they would have gotten the guerrilla war that you alluded to.

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