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 Posted: Fri Sep 2nd, 2011 10:02 pm
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HankC wrote in post 76 of this thread, "No one is forced to leave. No gulags are created, there are no trails of tears or forced migrations."

I would have to disagree entirely with that statement. As I also believe the southern cotton mill workers of Roswell Georgia would, after Sherman ordered the arrest and deportation of them.(Source: North across the river, author: Ruth Beaumont Cook) I would also think that confederate general Stand Watie would disagree. As he was a member of the southern Cherokee delegation during the negotiation of the Cherokee Reconstruction Treaty of 1866. As we can see from this link these five indian tribes would also disagree. Let us see what the penalty was for supporting the confederacy.                       

I do not think that Phil Sheridan would agree when he went out west to deal with the indians during Reconstruction declaring that the only good indian is a dead indian. No folks I do not believe Reconstruction was as soft on white southerners and indians as Hank would have us believe. This is one fact Hank you are wrong on.


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