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 Posted: Mon Sep 5th, 2011 02:40 am
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Hello, new to the site, but I guess you could have figured that out by me posting here.

 I live in a small town in PA, and have always been interested in history, mainly military history, even when I was younger history was always the class I enjoyed most in school, up untill a few years ago I had not really read much on the Civil War, it was mainlyWWII, and even though I live only acouple hours away from Gettysburg I had never been there in my life. All that changed a year ago when my wife and I took our honeymoon in Gettysburg. When I steped on the field I was actually shaking. From that moment on I have been captivated, we just returned from there last week as a matter of fact. I have also started devouring every book about the war I can get my hands on. I am looking forward to spending time here and expanding my knowledge of the war

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