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 Posted: Mon Sep 26th, 2011 11:17 pm
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stgredleg, That one is a hard one for me. I use to rotate every book, one book on the Western theater, then one on the East. But I must admit I have been hung up on the ANV the past three years. I have read a couple books on the subject, but it has been awhile. To answer your 1st question would the 1861-1862 campaign bare any significance to the overall outcome of the war. Not much, I think there would have had to of been more focus put into the New Mexico campaign's by both Governments. I know there was some, but nothing to compare to the other theaters.

We know the final Union victories in these areas brought an end to the Southern states vision of the American Southeast. But did it matter? I think it only matters if the Confederacy wins its Independence. If it does, they can bring the north to the negotiation table over that area. I tend to think the Mason Dixon line would stretch to the Pacific Ocean.

If the South had conquered New Mexico and Southern California, what sort of impact would this have had on the overall war effort? Only that the Union would have to sent more troops from the Western or Eastern armies.This might take some pressure off the Confederate army. You have to also wonder if the south held New Mexico and Southern California, if the Confederacy would not have to recall some of the men stationed in these places toward the end of the war. Seeing they were running out of men.

My opinion, Pender

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