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 Posted: Wed Sep 28th, 2011 10:35 pm
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Thanks for the suggestion Old Blu. But I already own a copy of Robertson's book on A.P. Hill. It is one of the books I have liked so well I have read it more than once. Robertson's book on Stonewall Jackson is also very good. Both offer a look into the Light Division. I try to find books on the men associatied with the Light Division, though the book may not deal specifcally with the Division, it helps you learn more about them and what they are doing. One of the best things I have found on them is their regimental histories. I copied them off at the library out of Clarks histories of the several regiments and battalions from N.C. That is some of the best info I have found. Wish I had the histories of all the other states that were in the Light Division. Not sure if there is any such as Clarks compiled histories of N.C. troops. I have been wanting to read Foxes red clay to richmond, but have not gotten around to ordering it yet. The Light Division's Georgians ought to give me a little more insight. If you have any more suggestions feel free to give them to me.

Thanks Pender

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