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 Posted: Thu Sep 29th, 2011 07:49 am
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Unfortunately, most of my books concerning the Civil War are of a general flow and not unit or commander specfic in most cases.
I do have Red Clay to Richmond, John J. Fox, (about the 35th Ga) and I think it is a very well written book. It goes into much detail about the officers and men of the 35th GA. and incorporates Light Division actions into the storyline.
On June 16, 1862 the 35th Ga. was assigned to AP Hills Division. Soon after, in a communique, AP Hill referred to his Division as the Light Division and the name stuck.
That is one of my questions. Why the Light Division?
In my limited knowledge of the matter, a Light Division was lightly armed and moved quickly. With 6 standard brigades I would think AP Hills division may qualify as a Heavy Division. Can anyone enlighten me?
Additionally, the book reveals a sketchy form of evidence revealing how elements of Thoma's Brigade may have participated in Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg.
These and many other details of the Light Divisions units make for an interesting and educational read. I recommend Red Clay to Richmond to anyone with an interest in the GA. troops or the Light Division in general.
"To the gates of Richmond" (Stephen W. Sears). I thought was a good book revealing the role of the Light Division at Mechanicsville and Gaines Mill. Both devastating to AP Hills command.
"Burnsides Bridge", (Phillip Thomas Tucker) I thought was an excellent account of Toombs Ga. troops. But I do think it rather glorified Toomb's troops and minimized the Light Divisions role on Lee's right flank.
I really like Lee's Last Campaign, (Clifford Dowd). Many elements in that book intrigue me. As far as AP Hill goes, it reveals his faults as a Corp commander. However, it also expounds on the bravery and commitment of the recently reorganized Light Division. I just love it when AP Hill organizes a 125 Alabamian provost guard to defend a hole between the 2nd and 3rd Corps being penetrated by Wadsworth's yankee division.(HA!)
I'm just starting up on Lee's Lieutenants, so I'm looking forward to a great read there.
Any other good books out there I'm missing?

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