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 Posted: Fri Sep 30th, 2011 02:05 am
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sgtredleg, Thanks for the reply. Why the Light Division is an interesting question. There is no record as to why Hill chose this name. But there is three explainations given in Schenck's book. 1 It is possible that Hill had in mind a title which would differentiate his division from that of Daniel Harvey Hill. 2 A.P. Hill a student of military history may of been inspired by the British Light Brigade, which eight years before had made itself immortal by its gallant charge at Balaclava in Crimea. 3 He gave the name intended on it being fast marching, hard hitting and a force to be used as a hammer. Maybe he knew what they could and did become. One member of the Light Division remarked, "We are lightly armed, lightly fed, but we march rapidly, fight frequently." 

I have read To the Gates of Richmond and Lee's last campaign, but have not read Burnsides Bridge. Thanks for the recommendations. As you are a decendant of a Light Division soldier I would highly recommend Martin Schenk's book "Up Came Hill" the story of the Light Division and its leaders. That is the best book based solely on the Light Division I have found. Just read Gerard A. Patterson's book " From blue to gray" the life of confederate general Cadumus M. Wilcox. There was not alot on the Light Division, but a little in sight on the latter years of the war, when Wilcox took command of the Light Division after Gettysburg. 


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