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 Posted: Fri Oct 7th, 2011 02:58 am
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Hellcat wrote: Why does that sound like a pun to me?

To be honest, Old, I can't really make out any cannons. I do believe you that their there, though. There are objects back along the tree line that are probably the cannons but I can't tell what they are exactly. Nice shot of the statue, and as it's the focus of the picture it should certainly be what draws the eye. But I kinda wonder what was going on with that pedestal. Reminds me of a tomb. Not the coloring, the design. I swear I've seen some tombs designed like that. Kinda makes it weird to look at the statue with that running through my head.

Yep. those unplain items are the cannons of the Confederate army from 1st. Manassas.
Union cannon are behind me.

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