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 Posted: Fri Nov 10th, 2006 12:04 pm
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Howdy from NoVa, Fuller,

In your post on 7 Nov 2006, you asked

In your readings, have you read any regimental histories?
No, not yet.  Some of my books are about units, such as Lincoln's Cavalrymen (Edward G. Longacre, 2000) and The Army of the Pacific, 1860-1866 (Aurora Hunt, 1951 and 2004).  So far, my curiosity hasn't pulled me to the regimental level.

Couple of reasons for that.
  • First, I had no ancestors in the war, as far as I know.  Researching an ancestor inevitably pulls you into the documentation about his outfit.
  • Second, my home town didn't raise any regiments.  Heck, Laramie was built in 1867, so there's no Civil War tradition.  No commemorative statues, cemeteries, parades, ceremonies, etc.
So let me ask you in turn, Fuller.  Do you have a favorite regimental history?  What led you to it?

Thanks for raising such an interesting topic.

From one bookoholic to another, Patty

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