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 Posted: Fri Oct 21st, 2011 11:16 am
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Berkley Plantation should be somewhere near Petersburg. Keep in mind it was 25 years since I went there and was 12 at the time (family vacation, we hit Berkley Plantation on the way in and Petersburg on the way out). It's the site of the first English Thanksgiving (which occured a year before the Pilgrims arrived in Massachusetts and two years before they held what's called the first Thanksgiving) and also vthe ancesteral home of Presidents William Henry Harrison and Benjamin Harrison. But in terms of the Civil War it is the site where Taps is supposed to have been first written and played. Federal troops occupied the plantation during the war with Lincoln visiting the place to confere with McClellan And back in the '80s there was still a cannon ball from the war lodged in the house itself.

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