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 Posted: Mon Oct 24th, 2011 03:30 am
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pender wrote:
Did your list have the Seven Pines Battle causalties?


I just went back to your thread and found out how I missed Seven Pines. Let's see, you said McClellan vs Johnston, so thet's May 31st to June 1st. Looking at the Civil War Battles Page:

Seven Pines
  • Federal Strength: Unlisted
  • Federal Casualties: KIA 790, WIA 3,549, MIA 647, Total 5,031
  • Confederate Strength: Unlisted
  • Confederate Casualties: KIA 980, WIA 4,749, MIA 405, Total 6,134
Note: The page says the battle is also known as Fair Oaks

Looking at The Library of Congress Desk Reference:

Seven Pines  (the battle has no seperate entry of it's own so there are no listings for strengths or casulaties)

  • Federal Strength: Unlisted
  • Federal Casualties: Unlisted
  • Confederate Strength: Unlisted
  • Confederate Casualties: Unlisted
The Library of Congress Civil War Desk Reference has a chapter on Battles and Battlefields which is basically broken up by campaign but also features Battle Profiles. Both Seven Pines and Seven Days are only under the Peninsula Campaign, neither have their own individual Battle Profile. And at least Seven Days has a mention in the chart on Greatest Losses by Confederate Forces in Particular Battles which gives any idea for losses by either side in the battle. Seven Pines is a complete loss in that sense.

Looking at the Civil War Handbook:

Seven Pines and Fair Oaks

  • Federal Strength: Unlisted
  • Federal Casualties:  KIA 890, WIA 3,627, MIA 1,222, Total 5,739
  • Confederate Strength: Unlisted
  • Confederate Casualties: 7,997
Pender, this page might be of some interest to you . Particulary scroll down to #5. I knew about the 26th NC at Gettysburg but with the recent comments of battle stats concerning McClellan I kinda had to laugh looking at the 6th Alabama and the 4th NC at Seven Pines. Laugh because Seven Pines was one of those that had been discussed so it really just popped off the screen, so to speak.

I think I found the same chart on losses on the Shotgun's Home of the American Civil War website as Price used in his Civil War Handbook back in '61. This chart, , does match what's in the book, but Phisterer's Statistical Record Of The Armies Of The United Statesis not listed in the recomended reading of Prices book.


BHR, you forgot his tendency to overestimate the size of the force he was facing. McClellan was certainly a very good organizer and army builder given what he did after First Bull Run (1st Manassas). But then in the field he seemed to often move slowly because of his overestimating the size of his enemy. So there was hesitancy there that you don't really see with Grant. McClellan may loose fewer troops than Grant, but Grant kept the pressure up.

It's been mentioned in his bio on Shotgun's page ( that McClellan survived Seven Pines more through the Generals under him and confusion among the Confederate forces than his own actions. And during the Seven Days he actually had a shot to attack Richmond as the south side of the Chickahominy was under defended.

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