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 Posted: Thu Oct 27th, 2011 01:41 am
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But Pender, the initial question says July 1st and 2nd happen as they did, but what would Jackson have done on the 3rd. Would he have acted like Longstreet and tried to persuade Lee not to carry out the assualt on the third day or would he have followed orders. Jackson would have done things differently, that's for sure. But if things had gone as they had on the first two days what would he have done?

I'm not sure the acustical barriers would have made as much of a difference. Yeah I know they were there and there not being there could have made a difference on what the generals did. But my thinking is didn't Lee have problems with Ewell or someone not following orders on the first two days. Who was it Lee ordered to take the Round Tops on like the first day and their not taking them allowed Federal forces to hold them on day two. I'm wanting to say it was Ewell, but it might have been someone else. So it could have still been possible for things not to have been followed on day 3 with coordinating the attack.

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