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 Posted: Fri Oct 28th, 2011 01:21 am
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Thanks for the interesting comments Texas Defender

At least we agree that firing on Ft Sumter was a bad idea politically – it galvanized the north and gave Lincoln justification and support to raise an army. This might not have happened otherwise. I have read many newspapers here in Maine from the period from 1860 to 1861 and I noticed a sentiment that Slavery was allowed in the constitution and it was no business of anyone to threaten it if it was allowed so. Abolitionists were a minority and sometimes a persecuted one at that. The act of secession was a concern but what really got folks riled up was firing on Ft. Sumter. Then the attacks on troops going though Baltimore put people over the top. Men couldn’t volunteer fast enough. Lincoln asked for one regiment from Maine, and the Governor funded and raised ten! I wonder if folks in Maine would fight to keep SC in the union if Ft Sumter didn’t happen. I think its no better than 50-50.

I read about the case you mentioned, Texas v. White. This supreme court case seems to say that there is no such thing as secession. Do you agree then that secession was not legal?

If secession was not legal, no wonder the south acted unilaterally – without seeking legal permission. If secession is not legal, doesn’t that mean secessionists were breaking the law (i.e. criminals or traitors)?

I still think that a relentless political approach was more likely to have been effective than war. The south should have cited “irreconcilable differences” and sought a legal solution – over and over again in every legal avenue available - perhaps even a constitutional amendment. Over time, the North would say enough is enough. Please go, just leave us alone! South Carolina was not very important here in Maine – most would think its not worth dieing to keep. Overtime, the south could have simply worn the North out.

As with many things, I think hot heads driven by testosterone got in the way of a reasonable strategy. Just my opinion.

By the way there is an interesting article on the legality of secession in Wikipedia

It’s been intersting talking to you.

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