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 Posted: Fri Oct 28th, 2011 04:22 pm
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Hellcat, I would also agree with you and most other members about McClellan being slow and too cautious. But on the other hand if he had not of been. One of his battles may of had been as a second Manassas or Chancellorsville. The most criticism of little Mac is usually at Antietam for not sending in his whole force. I can agree with that assessment but also on the other hand it was the bloodiest single day of the war. Not at Gettysburg or Chancellorsville and Spotsylvania was a one day battle that bloody. Personally I am not convinced he could of had beat Marse Robert if he had.

As for your reply on Lee's answer "McClellan without question". I took it as meaning he was the best General he faced during the war. Not for his blunders.I also thank you for breaking down the causalties stats in round numbers. That gave me a better understanding. I was looking at the raw numbers for each battle.

IMO I think McClellan's greatest calamity during the war was Gen. Robert E. Lee taking command of the army. If he does not, Richmond is probably his in 1862. He is the first to meet on the field of battle the great Confederate General.

As a side note, I got out a couple of my books on the Seven Days battle looking up some stuff on little Mac since our discussion. And I got hung up on the 6th AL. trying to see where they took all them causalties. Bound to be Malvern Hill.



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