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 Posted: Fri Oct 28th, 2011 07:36 pm
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I'd like ya'lls opinion on whether Meade should have Counter attacked after the PPT assault and if he had counter attacked do you think it would have changed the outcome of the battle? I think if Meade would have counter attacked immediatetly after the PPT attack then Lee would have had no defense set up to defend it and giving Lee's line being stretched out for what 4-5 miles he wouldnt have had the strength or the time to save his army. Granted i think Meade's casualties would have been close to that of Pickett's and Pettigrews due to the rebel artillery. Lee's artillery was out of Long range projectiles but he still had a sufficent amount of canister. Pickett's division would have been a non factor as they had suffered close to 60% casualties and all his subordinates were either killed wounded or captured. But pettigrew may have been able to set up some kind of defense but not likely to have been enough to repel an attack by Hancock's corp or even Gibbons division. But anyway what do you think?

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