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 Posted: Fri Oct 28th, 2011 11:14 pm
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I can absolutely agree with you that McClellan's greatest problem was Lee taking command. Despite his hesitancy and his over estimating his opponent, he was moving up the Penninsula against Johnston. But once Lee took command that was it. Lee stopped him and he would come to retreat to Harrison's Landing at Berkley Plantation.

But more aggersive moves on McClellan's part might have changed things all together, possibly ending the war sooner or possibly prolonging it. Even during the Seven Days he had a chance to strike at Richmond. Lee was weaker on the Chickahominy's south side. If he had sent a couple Corps at Richmond at that time Lee would have been forced to weaken his own army to counter the move. What would have happened then if McClellan had moved aggressively?

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