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 Posted: Sat Oct 29th, 2011 11:41 am
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fedreb wrote: If it is your opinion that Chancellorsville was agreat CSA victory then you should really consider Antietam a CSA defeat. Both battles ended with one side withdrawing across a river with the other side not pursuing them.In both instances they lived to fight another day.

fedreb, not only is it csamillerp's opinion that Chancellorsville was great victory but mine also. It is also a great CSA victory to many historians and authors. The victory was so great the U.S. armed forces has studied the battle every since. No Lee's army did not destroy the AOTP, but in my opinion that is the closes Lee came. Lees and Jacksons strategy was a master piece. Especially considering most of Longstreet's Corp. was not with him. Also the total force of the union army was 133,868, Lee's force was 57,352.

Why should csamillerp consider Antietam a CSA defeat? Both armies withdrew from each other after each battle during the war. The union army withdrew from Hood after Franklin, I would not consider Franklin a CSA victory. Most historians consider Antietam a draw. But according to Stephen W. Sears considering McClellan had Lees lost orders, and knew Lee's movements. And for Lee to fight him to a draw, that he would give Lee the better day.


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