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 Posted: Sun Oct 30th, 2011 12:42 am
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I believe if Meade were going to counter attack he would have needed to have the 6th right there behind the line ready to go, and then set them loose the minute the confederate attack showed signs of faltering. Even if that were the case I cant see the counter attack doing much to break the rebels, the union troops would ahve to cross the same ground that Pickett's men just crossed and face roughly the same artillery barage that they did, also they would be attacking troops that held the high ground.  

   If the 6th were to break the confederate line their casualites would have been just as bad as Picketts, which means that Meade would have needed to have follow up units right behind the 6th to exploit the break and roll up the confederate line, and after three days of fighting I dont know that Meade would have troops fresh enough for this.

  All that being said I think a counter attack wold have done nothing more than to add more prisoners to the union coffers and more brave dead men to both sides

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