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 Posted: Sun Oct 30th, 2011 06:50 am
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I think ya'll might be forgetting that the union had just destroyed an attack by Lee, their morale was would have been extremely high. The average union soldier didnt know how many rebels had participated in the attack. i read a union prisoner's recollection about the charge. He was captured during the 1st days fighting and witnessed the attack and thought Lee was attacking with his entire army. If the majority of the yankees at the stonewall believed the same thing then they would also believe that they had repelled Lee's entire army. That would have been a morale boost from hell! Hancocks corp wasnt that badly hurt they could have still made a counter attack especially since Lee was nearly out of ammunition. Also Lee's Long range ordanace was defective. There fuses were that is. I agree that Meade would have had to use the 6th corp to support the attack and press any advantages that Hancocks corp would have opened up but the success of the counter attack would depend on timing with them attacking immediately after the failed assault on the stonewall. I know i could be wrong and meade would have suffered extensive causalties but i think it's probable that he could have destroyed Lee's army if he would have counter attacked. If you think about it hancocks corp would have been at pickett, Pettigrews and Trimbles heels as they retreated so that the reb artillery would have had to fire on their own troops to repel the union counter attack.

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