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 Posted: Sun Oct 30th, 2011 02:57 pm
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csamillerp, I would assume that after the carnage of the PPT charge the last thing the union men wanted to do is jump over that stonewall and head after them. Though some soldiers in the union army may of believed the ANV had been destroyed the command structure knew it had not. A wounded lion is more dangerous than a healthy one.

In a letter to his wife Margaretta, Meade gives the reason for not making a counter attack. On the 5th of July Meade writes " It was a grand battle, and is in my judgment a most decided victory, though I did not annihilate or bag the confederate army. This morning they retreated in great haste into the mountains, leaving their dead unburied and their wounded on the field. They awaited one day, expecting that flushed with success, I would attack them, then they would play their old game of shooting us from behind breast works." Also they did not know Lee was done. For all they knew he was about to hit the flanks again.

csamillerp, I noticed your favorite general is Maxcy Gregg, one of mine too. Have you checked out the A.P. Hill's Light Division thread?

Mark, these truly are strange times we are living in:)        Pender

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