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 Posted: Mon Oct 31st, 2011 02:50 am
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I was just looking at BedWell's War is All Hell: A Collection of Civil War Quotations today and kinda had to chuckle at of the quotes in relation to some of what we've recently been discussing. Both in relation to Malvern Hill.

The idea of stealing away in the night from such a position, after such a victory, was Simply galling.

     Capt. William Biddle, aide on McClellan's staff


Under normal circumstances the Federal Army should have been destroyed.

     Robert E. Lee


I think in relation to this question that might say something. It really sounds like Lee felt like he should have succeeded not only in dislodging McClellan but in destroying his army. And by contrast Biddle sounds like he thought they should have held the position, maybe let Lee try again.

There's also the whole Granny Lee and King of Spades thing when it comes to Lee. It could be possible that his actions offensively could have at times been in response to the ridicule he got early in the war. By Gettysburg the army's opinion of Lee had changed, but it is possible that these nicknames tended to come back to haunt him and he had to prove himself to at least himself. Or that he simply tended to stretch himself at times when he shouldn't have and the nicknames had absolutely nothing to do with it.

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