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 Posted: Mon Oct 31st, 2011 04:33 pm
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This whole idea of the all-conquering, invincible "British Lion" was nothing but a Forlorn Hope by the Southern anglophiles. The British Army would have had to come across the Atlantic and maintain a tenuous supply line across that vast ocean. The tough and experienced Union Army and Navy would have kicked the English Army's ass. Look at the dismal performance by the combined English and French forces in the earlier Crimean War, which was located much closer to those countries than far-off America. Look at France's pathetic performance in the Maximilian affair in Mexico. And talk about "guerilla warfare" - two can play that game. The idea of a foreign (i.e. British) Invasion would have really enraged and unified the people of the North. The Northern peace movement had a better chance WITHOUT foreign invasion of America. With foreign intervention, any Northern peace advcocates would have been seen as nothing short of traitors by the population. The Souther anglophiles were under the delusion (of which they had many :D ) that the North was afraid of "The British Lion". Bullcrap! Sec of State Seward made it quite clear to the English throughout the war that the US would not hesitate to go to war with Britain if they did not respect certain issues.

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