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 Posted: Fri Nov 10th, 2006 09:17 pm
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Wow, Tom, what a great piece on Lowell, the gentle warrior.

To think that he went chasing all over Mosby's Confederacy, right in my own neighborhood.  Oakton is only three miles from Vienna on Chain Bridge Road.

Even though Lowell wasn't involved in Mosby's fight with the 2nd Pa. Cavalry at Miskel's farm on 31 Mar 1863, you probably ran across an account of it in your research.  Here I quote from Mosby's Rangers, Jeffry D. Wert, 1990, p. 51.
Thomas and Lydia Miskel farmed a section of Loudoun County where Broad Run emptied into the Potomac River.  A young couple, with a son and a daughter, the Miskels toiled on land which had nourished Virgininians for over a century.  Their two-story L-shaped clapboard farmhouse dated from ca. 1750, with the wing added about 1810.  Behind the house a hay barn provided storage for the harvests and shelter for the livestock.
I'm not sure the farmhouse is still there.  But my hairdresser knows its location.  Her house faces the Potomac, only two blocks from where Broad Run joins the river.  She has a pond in back and keeps a couple of horses.  I told her that the Gray Ghost probably rode across her back yard when he escaped from the Miskels' place.  Maybe Lowell chased him across her front yard at one time or another.  Of course the whole area was excavated during construction of the house, but there may still be a few buttons or horseshoe nails down in the dirt.

One of your sources, Battledrums and Geysers: The Life and Journals of Lt. Gnstaves Cheyney Doane, Soldier and Explorer of the Yellowstone arid Snake River Regions, looks fascinating.  The Yellowstone and Snake are two of my favorite rivers in two of my favorite parks.

Now the Bear Flag and Bay State book, that sounds cool too.  Oh, dear, here I am thinking about buying more books!

Thanks for all this great info.  Patty

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