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 Posted: Fri Nov 10th, 2006 09:55 pm
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Thanks for the kind words on the article.  Me, Lowell and the 2nd Mass Cav go way back.

Cheyney Doane had a fascinating life indeed. Check out this website for a short bio on him:

For awhile the 2nd Mass was brigaded with the 16th and 19th New York, a pair of regiments that Mosby's men held in low esteem. The story was that if they captured one of the New Yorkers they would strip him of his equipment, kick him in the pants and tell him "go back and get more!" One day Doane and two companions had rode out of camp to a farmhouse for a meal. The others left back reporting that Cheyney was sitting beore a loaf of bread and a crock of butter and vowed not to return till both were finished. Riding back on his own he was captured by Mosby's men and when asked what regiment he belonged to he promptly answered the 16th New York. Sure enough his horse and equipment were taken, he was given the obligatory kick and sent back for more gear. He evaded imprisonment but was busted down to private and had to pay for the gear. :P



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