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 Posted: Wed Nov 2nd, 2011 04:01 am
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Lee took an educated guess, but Lee was too brilliant to think his attack would have any success i kind of think maybe pickett's charge was a diversion to draw troops away from the union right flank. Supposedly lee thought the union center was weakened to reinforce the two flanks if that was so why would he start with a large artillery bombardment that took all morning to assemble? The union wasnt blind they had a clear veiw of the confederates on seminary ridge. If Lee had any hope of victory by assaulting the center then why the display of force with 140-160 pieces of artillery and 12500 men moving into position? I think it was a diversion that resorted into a full out attack when ewell attacked culps hill too early. Lee had seen what happens to infantry that crossed opened ground at fredricksburg he had personally seen it at malvern hill and antietam and 2nd manassas, i find it inconcievable to think that Lee was nieve enough to think his troops wouldnt suffer the same fate as those that participated in burnsides attack on marye's hieghts

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