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 Posted: Fri Nov 4th, 2011 04:36 pm
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General Hazen, in his A Narrative of Military Service suggests that a major fault was that the attack had been planned as a column attack (each unit coming in very shortly after the one in front so as to take advantage of those gains).  However, Hazen's unit was sent in "to see what would happen" thus, the planned column attack was abandoned.  He states that the men were extremely out of sorts over the fact that reinforcements didn't come in as expected.  A second fault that Hazen suggests was that they halted in the woods for over two hours, while organizing a column attack.  Apparently the woods were quite thick (so they moved by compass) and muddy.  Howard in his Autobiography says that the march to get into position to attach the Confederate right was delayed several times to ascertain where Johnston's line was located.  He also speaks of the difficulty of marching through thick and muddy woods.  He notes that what they thought was the end of Johnston's right was simply a sharp angle in his line and not the true right.  Thus, while they supposed they were attacking on his right flank, this was not the case.  Howard, in his brief autobiographical account does not describe a piecemeal attack.  Hazen ruefully notes that the generals didn't have much to say about Pickett's Mill in their reports or, for example, in Sherman's Memoirs.

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