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 Posted: Fri Nov 4th, 2011 10:57 pm
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amhistoryguy wrote: July 10, 1861 - In the West Atlantic, a hurricane struck, causing the vessel "Bowditch" to flounder. All the crew but one was lost.

August 16, 1861 - a hurricane struck the Florida coast. The Confederate brig. "Jefferson Davis," 187 tons, was lost.

August 21, 1861, what may have been the same storm as above, reported off the Carolina outer banks.

November 2, 1861 - Severe storm from Hatteras to Maine, hit Chesapeake Bay hard, sinking Union ship, killing men preparing for an expedition.

January 21 & 22, 1862 - Storm hit Hatteras Inlet, and along the Carolina coast.

February 17, 1862 - According to the Sunday Mercury, there was a "terrific gale" causing a large amount of damage including the leveling of a hospital.

September 1, 1862 - Washington D. C. hit with "force 6 winds," and over 1 inch of rain.

September 2, 1862 - Washington D. C. winds from the northwest at "force 4."

October 30, 1862 - Cape Hatteras, North Carolins, Hurricane strikes, two Union steamers lost - Union fleet "tossed about."

September 3, 1863 - Morris Island, Virginia - Stormy weather for 10 days suspends naval operations.

September 17, 1863 - Florida Northeast and Georgia hit by strong tropical storm.

April 21, 1864, Morris Island hit by hurricane, under four feet of water.

August 5, 1864 - Tornado at Pt.Lookout, Maryland. Private Adam Moore, Co. F, 20th Veteran Reserve Corp. was injured when the building he was guarding was destroyed.

August 19, 1864 - Hurricane hits Mobile Bay, Alabama.

September 18, 1864 - Tornado does damage at Johnson's Island, Ohio.

May 11, 1865, at 6:00 pm, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a tornado touched down, killing one, injuring 15, and destroying 23 homes.

Regards, Dave Gorski

This is great info. I had always wondered about hurricane's from 1861- 1865. Imagine what havoc a major hurricane would have played on the union blockade. Had always wondered if there was one during the war.



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