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 Posted: Fri Nov 10th, 2006 10:39 pm
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Tom, I guess you could say those NY boys doane learn very fast.  That kind of character had just what it took to explore the Yellowstone and Snake.

Me, I can't imagine spending my whole life sitting on a McClellan saddle.  At the Gettysburg muster in June, JD was telling us about the saddle.  I commented to Shotgun, "Dad had one, and it's not very comfortable for a nine-year-old girl." At that, Shotgun whispered in his growly voice, "It's not very comfortable for a forty-year-old man, either."

Dad bought the saddle in the early 1950s, Army surplus.  What, you ask, Army surplus cavalry saddles in the 1950s?  Yup.  Fort Warren, near Cheyenne, was an Army post with cavalry until 1939 or so.  Later it was an AF missile base.  Fast leap forward, hm?

Thx for the lead to the info on Cheyney Doane.  He got his bread and butter, though, so he probably didn't mind getting kicked in the rear.  Patty

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