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 Posted: Sat Nov 5th, 2011 10:24 pm
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I do not think Meade had much to do with Day 1, so he inherited the Cemetary ridge line. He recognized it as being an excellent postion and he took advantage of it. He also knew Lee's penchant for being aggressive and I am sure he knew all he had to do was wait for Lee to attack.

Hooker on the other hand did have the Chancellorsville debacle from his past and would have been looking to redeem himself. I do believe he would have been more aggressive which would have made Gettysburg even more bloody than what it was. I am not sure that by him being more aggressive would have made much of a difference in the battle since in the real battle the Union did have a lot more troops and some corps that did not see much action at all.

Interesting what if.


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