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 Posted: Sun Nov 6th, 2011 05:10 am
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Again, I agree.....Buy AMERICAN and increase our own profitability and keep our own people employed.
I also agree that it is a travesty that our elderly feel the financial pinch ( a mild term) that they do. I think we owe them something for their sacrafices, not only as Veterans, but as people on the "home-front" of WWII, Korea, etc...My mother-in -law, my wife's Dad, was a WWII Vet that died when my wife was 8 years old on the '60's, leaving a family of 6 kids.....No government stepped up to help the family, yet my mother in law raised all 6 kids...Given her hardships and dedication to family, I do not think it fair that she is not given the Social Seurity she is promised....As a nation, we owe people like her, and your Great Aunt, a debt of gratitude....

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