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 Posted: Sun Nov 6th, 2011 11:21 pm
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The Lee comment is why you've got an erased from me. I wanted to trade states, see what would have happened if Virginia had never seceded and Lee had accepted command of the army. See if Jackson went south. How Virginia's not seceding would have affected the war. I mean we can see some of that already. No West Virginia, Richmond wouldn't have been the Confederate capital, most of the battles fought in Virginia (if not all) wouldn't have happened. But would Antietam have been a Gettysburg or would that have been some battle in Virginia?

On the Grant what if, I'm thinking he wouldn't have been waging a war of attrition like he did in the actual history. Which I think may be in line with what you said. But would he have believed that the best defense is a good offense and struck hard at his Federal opponents or would he have instead tried to build as strong a defensive position as possible and let his opponents try hitting him to be cut down?

Actually it might have been interesting to see him go up against Halleck as an opposing general instead of as his subordinate. This might have resulted in Buell's having overall command of the West instead of Halleck.

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