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 Posted: Mon Nov 14th, 2011 03:55 pm
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My question is in bold and my comments leading to my theory on the civil war leading up to it are not in bold.

I like to ask a question about the civil war for my non commercial documentary as I have to research all the facts before finishing up on it.

I have a good amount of evidence believing that the civil war was over a power grab for the centralized federal government to dictate over states rights. This is espoecially true with medical Marijuana being legalized in California only for prescription use but the federal government threatened arrests and seizures, then Texas vowing to ban TSA molestation only to get threatened by the federal government into having a no fly zone if they ban the tsa's full body patdowns. Then you have federal judges ruling against states that don't want Obamacare due to the fact that federal regulators are going to force impoverish Americans to pay for health insurance or goto prison which is a cruel usage of federal power and anti states rights. The federal government has become a monster since they won the civil war. Presidents are selected and not elected as FDR said in the 1900's.

I am seeing how states losing the civil war is leading to America's downfall as they have no rights to challenge the all powerful federal government so this is my question I hope you can answer.

Was the whole federal government fighting the civil war more over a power grab by special interests then actually to fight over slavery?

because off the record states actually have the same capability to end slavery as the federal government so the whole civil war and federal acts of aggression didn't make sense to me.

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