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 Posted: Wed Nov 16th, 2011 10:34 am
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How long would it have taken McClellan to get ready? I understand that after First Bull Run (First Manassas) that he had an army to build. But he had what, the rest of the summer and the fall and winter to build up the Army of the Potomac into a fighting force. How often did he have to be prodded once he finally got the army into the field? And how often did he over estimate the strength of the forces he was facing? His own caution was more often a bigger problem for him as it did cause him to move too slowly and either allow Confederate forces to escape from him or to get reinforced in order to face him. Yes he won battles, but did his actions maybe help to lengthen the war? Might it have been over two years sooner had he moved faster?

Burnside's actions at Fredericksburg were just plain stupid. I wouldn't blame that on interfereance, he could have made certain his army had the pontoons at any point on the march instead of having to wait once he got to where he wanted to cross. And even then once he discovered he didn't have them he could have looked for another way to cross the Rhappahannock. It would have taken time but had he used the same fords Hooker would use he could have been across the river much sooner. He might have been able to engage Lee before Jackson's corps could arrive.

Pope was just as easily interfered with by McClellan, who wrote his wife and told her he planned to use Lee to destory Pope, as he was Lincoln.

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