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 Posted: Thu Nov 17th, 2011 10:06 am
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If the western theater were to get locked down completely, no more Confederate troops in the west and none of the Confederate troops who were in the west could come east, how would it have been before all the Federal troops who wouldn't be needed to hold Confederate territory were brought east?  The Army of Northern Virginia wouldn't survive very long against those odds. But, but you have to expect there would have been Confederate troops brought east if the west had been completely locked down. With that many troops, both Federal and Confederate, in the east then how long would it have taken for all the food to vanish?

There were plenty of supplies the Army of Northern Virginia needed that even without the west being completely locked down on it was slowly running out of. Nobody destroyed the Army of Northern Virginia, it was the lack of supplies, especially food, that did what no Federal army could. And the war in the west, combined with the blockade, propably did more to help cause that than any of the generals in the east.

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