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 Posted: Wed Nov 23rd, 2011 04:10 am
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WOW! only 2 threads on Reynolds?

OK i'm sure this is talked about somewhere else on this site but i haven't found it yet...

I've heard that Reynolds was offered command of the AOP before meade was, so why didnt he take it? In all the Union Generals i would say Reynolds, Hancock and Sedgwick were the best in any northern army. Was it because of the politics that would come with the command?

Also how do you think he would have fought the war had he been in command? Would he have Overshadowed Grant? I know alot of ya'll are going to tell me that some generals were better at commanding corps but not armies... i know that and that kind of answer is cheap. I dont see why people would bother even taking the time to post it!

Anyway i'd really appreciate your thoughts on the subject... and any other subject pertaining to Reynolds

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