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 Posted: Wed Nov 23rd, 2011 06:57 am
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Hard to say. Seems there was a bit of backstabbing in the Federal army. McClellan did it to Pope, Sickles and Butterfield did it to Meade, Halleck did it to Grant. Seems if a general didn't like someone or felt they might overshadow them they'd do something to either remove them from command or they would discredit them. This latter really seems something some of the subordinate generals would do if they supported a particular general over another. Sickles and Butterfield were loyal Hooker men, they tried discrediting Meade after Gettysburg. Could this anonimity have been in part because Meade argued with Hooker following Chancellorsville that the army should have renewed the attack? If so, then the fact that Reynolds was among those that wanted Hooker removed following Chancellorsville might have awarded him some enemies had he accepted command.

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