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 Posted: Thu Nov 24th, 2011 10:08 am
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  It is true that General Grant had known Gideon J. Pillow in Mexico during that war, and had a low opinion of him. General Scott also thought Pillow a scoundrel. Pillow certainly was not stellar as a general, so the answer to your question might well be: "Yes."

Gideon J. Pillow  This source mentions the hiding behind the tree incident discovered by General Breckinridge at Stone's River.

  The: "Most hated man in the Confederacy" angle in 1862 I believe relates not to Pillow, but to General John B. Floyd. General Floyd passed on the command of Ft. Donelson to General Pillow, who passed it on to General Buckner.

John B. Floyd - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  General Floyd had been Secretary of War for President Buchanan. He was accused by some in the north of treasonous actions in sending weapons to southern arsenals before the war broke out. It was General Floyd who feared that he would be hanged if captured. (Even though the official indictment had been thrown out).

  The situation of then Secretary of War Floyd is discussed in some detail here:

Three Indictments Against John B. Floyd   A vigorous defense of Floyd is presented.




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