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 Posted: Thu Nov 24th, 2011 06:50 pm
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  I can't say for sure exactly what might have happened if the attack launched by General Pillow had been continued. The Confederates were still surrounded on three sides, and General Grant was summoned to the battlefield. By the time of his arrival, both sides had suffered greatly and were exhausted, and General Pillow had called off the attack.  Still, if the attack had been pressed, in all probability, many Confederates could have cut their way out before the breach could be closed thus mitigating the disaster somewhat. (Another what if would have been what if Floyd and Pillow deferred to Buckner earlier.)

  General Johnston had decided on a general withdrawal, but General Beauregard persuaded him to reinforce Fort Donelson which turned out to be a fiasco. General Beauregard declined to command there due to illness. Another what if would be what if General Johnston had sent General Hardee there instead of General Floyd.

  Either Beauregard or Hardee would have done better than Floyd and Pillow, but in the end I don't think it would have made a difference. Control of the river was a great plus for the Union side. General Grant recognized that the situation greatly favored him, and he was eager to exploit it. The best course of action for the Confederates was not to attempt to defend there.

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