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 Posted: Fri Nov 25th, 2011 04:00 pm
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  I completely disagree with your contention that England would never have supported the south, and that the war was over before it began.

  There were considerable tensions between the US and the British governments in the opening years of the war due to incidents like the TRENT affair. Fortunately for Mr. Lincoln, cooler heads prevailed on both sides, otherwise there could have been serious trouble between the two governments.

‘Trent Affair’ Crisis during the U.S. Civil War: Great Britain Almost Fights t

  Even without direct foreign intervention, I believe that the South was still: "In the game" until Mr. Lincoln was re-elected. If General McClellan had been able to win the presidency in 1864 (As Lincoln thought was going to happen shortly before the election), it would have indicated a different mindset among the northern people. That could well have led to a different conclusion of the war. I believe that the capture of Atlanta probably saved the Lincoln presidency.

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