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 Posted: Sat Nov 26th, 2011 05:18 am
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So far i agree with everyone of those. i think they all led to a final turning point of the war which was Gettysburg, after which Lee couldnt effectively mount an offensive campaign... but Fedreb in my opinion hit the nail on the hammer. Given time Lee could have replaced the loses he suffered at Gettysburg and regained the ability to take the war to the north. But because of Grant not allowing Lee the opportunity to regain his strenth he attacked Lee's most vunerable weakness. But Grant would never have come east if he hadnt shown great sucess in the west which honed his tactics that he would later use on lee. Lee probably would have won in my opinion Gettysburg if Jackson had not died. If it wasnt for Antietam Lincoln wouldnt have had a foot to stand on when he gave is Emancipation Proclamation and england may have helped the south. If it wasnt for Atlanta Lincoln may not have won re-election... So are they all tied together in being a turning point? If i had to give one definitive answer it would have to be the death of Stonewall, his death leads to too many what-ifs. The army of northern virginia was never the same afterwards

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