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 Posted: Mon Nov 28th, 2011 03:09 am
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I ended up looking through some of my other books, and the addendum to Markle's book, BHR. What I didn't go into was the attack on NYC and I did have that incident in Stern's book (told again by Headley who, as I said, was one of the Confederate agents involved) and in one of my Webb Garrison books. But I'd thought folks knew about that one which is why I didn't go into it. The addendum to Markle's book does have a couple of interesting things on the St Alban's raid concerning couriers for both the Federal and Confederate forces. One of the other books that talked about the St. Alban's raid actually says Lt. Young said he was a Confederate officer, but nothing about taking the town in the name of the Confederacy.

However, of greater interest to me in that book is a mention of a couple planned raids on Camp Douglass. Planned as the first one the Camp commander found out about it and had his garrison reinforced and the Confederate raiders found out about this so they didn't bother carrying it out and in the second most of the raiders were captured before they could actually carry out the raid because one of their numbers was a Federal spy.

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