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 Posted: Sun Nov 12th, 2006 04:22 pm
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Most of us are avid readers.  No, not avid.  Addicted readers.  Some are so hopeless that they actually WRITE books, as if we don't have enough out there already.  You know who you are.

This topic isn't necessarily a request for book reviews.  Rather, Mrs. Nosybody here just wants to see what you have stacked up on the bedside table, on the floor beside the living room chair, on the dining table, in the car...well, you know where you stash your stuff.  And your paraphernalia: maps, reference books, other books on same subject. 

I'll start off.

For Cause and for Country: A Study of the Affair at Spring Hll and the Battle of Franklin, Eric A. Jacobson and co-author Richard A. Rupp.  Franklin, TN, O'More Publishing, 2006.  Autographed paperback 519 pages including Confederate and Federal orders of battle, bibliography, and index.  Finished it a few days ago, in preparation for the January book chat in Shotgun's chatroom and the June muster in Franklin.  Will have to refresh my memory just before then, which of course is part of the fun.

Founding Mothers: The Women who Raised our Nation, Cokie Roberts.  Harper Collins, 2004.  Paperback 359 pages including cast of characters, recipes, notes, and index.  This is a Christmas present, so I had to read it before wrapping it, didn't I?  I finished it last night.  The History Channel had a program based on her book.

The Battle of the Wilderness, May 5-6, 1865, Gordon C. Rhea.  Baton Rouge, Louisiana State University Press, 1994.  Paperback 512 pages including order of battle, bibliography, and index.  The first of Rhea's quadrilogy on the Overland Campaign.  I got hooked when I read the fourth of the series, and decided to go back and get the first three.  Started it last night.

And of course, bookshelves of stuff to re-read.  With my greater knowledge after each new book and greater understanding after each battlefield hike, I just have to go back and reabsorb.

As usual, the more I learn, the more I want to learn.  So many books, so little shelf space.


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