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 Posted: Sat Dec 3rd, 2011 12:53 pm
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csamillerp wrote: Pender i have always thought that Gordon was one of Lee's best corp commanders, he had alot in common with jackson... what if he HAD been made Corp commander when Jackson died? I think the confederates would have faired better at Gettysburg.

If lee had took Lincoln's offer i think he would have played the same role as Grant did in his overland campaign but with maybe less casualties. He would have realized that his strength was in his numbers and his resources and would also have his brillance of indirect assaults. Grant i'm not sure how he would have commanded if he had less men and fewer resources, would he have been like lee?

the ultimate fight IMO would be Longstreet against Lee. Lee being the aggressive commander he was and Longstreet being the master of defense. Would it be Cold harbor for Lee?

csamillerp, Gordon was one of the CSA General's that had to prove himself. He was kind of like Forrest in the fact that he had no previous military training. That I believe is one reason for his slow climb to Corp. Command. His preformance at Sharpsburg and the Wilderness are great. He told Early at Cedar Creek what would happen if he did not stay on the defensive after the union route, Early did not listen and they were routed. Gordon was one of the few rays of hope for the Confederacy in 64 and 65. Yes I think Gordon would have done better than Ewell at Gettysburg, but at what extent I am not certain. When we all consider Ewell and Hill's promotion to Corp. Command after the death of Gen. Jackson, I think we too would have had great expectations for these two. Both were very instrumental to Jackson's victories.

The thing that makes Lee in command of the AotP intriguing is the fact it was offered to him. What makes the Confederate army special? IMO, it is Robert E. Lee. Before Lee takes command the Union army is at the gates of Richmond, they will not return for two years after horrendous warfare that brings on the modern warfare as we know today. As I have said before on this board if Lee does not take command in 62 the confederate capital is in Union hands 1862. If Lee is in command of the Union army I believe the Confederate capital falls even sooner. Heck, if McClellan can push Joe Johnston to the gates of the capital imagine what Lee could have done.

Lee vs Longstreet, I would say no it would not be Cold Harbor for Lee. But knowing how Lee sent his troops through the fields of Gettysburg, I will say could be. The only thing that bothers me about Longstreet is the question, would he be good at the head of an army? I always thought he would have been the best choice for command in the west instead of Hood. The down side with Longstreet is the Knoxville campaign, and he was up against Burnside. Did Lee's guidance make him great too?



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